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  • This project is our day to day job
  • We work hard to deliver a professional outcome
  • We do a lot for you (copywriting, web & social media management, photo editing, marketing,...)
  • We are NOT a non-profit, we are a business
  • We rely on your support as our source of income to keep serving other athletes like you
  • We receive a lot of non serious applications (fake identities & stories)
  • We need to eliminate the frivolous and keep our space clean for the trustworthy only
  • You need to confirm your spot by paying the Support & Verification fee
  • The fee will support us, and verify you are who you say you are
  • The Support & Verification fee is $75
  • The fee will get you the benefits & rewards mentioned on the previous step (check them here)
  • You have 8 hours from expressing your interest to confirm your spot!

You will be redirected to pay the Support & Verification fee explained above in order to confirm your spot!
You do NOT have to stick to the subscription to confirm your spot!
Pay the Support & Verification fee just once to get your story published!

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