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How Does It Work?

1. Register your interest below
Confirm your spot by signing up using the form below.

You have 8 HOURS from visiting this page to confirm your interest! You can confirm your spot now, and then submit your application later.

2. Submit your application (your fitness story, pictures & mantra)
Your story basically would be answering these questions; why and when did you start working? How it's affecting your life in a positive way? What are your future goal? How do you want to make a change? What's special and interesting about you?

3. Pay the Support & Verification fee
This project relies on participants support to keep running! We are NOT a non-profit organization! We DO a lot of work (copywriting, photo editing, website and social media management, marketing, account management,...) but we DO NOT have any source of income to cover our work expenses! Your payment is the only source of income we have, and we rely on your support to keep this project running!

The fee is a one time payment of $75

+We receive a lot of NON serious requests (fake applicants and fake stories), so we need to keep the frivolous away! Sure they will not submit their applications when there's a fee in place! The fee will make sure you are who you say you are!

4. We publish your story
First we will create you a personal page on our website. It will host your story along your picture, personal details, and a link to your Instagram account. Readers can interact with you by posting comments, and also they will be able to rate your story!

We will edit your picture, add your mantra on top of it and then share it along your fitness story on our Instagram & Facebook pages. It will remain there forever, unless you requested differently of course. There will be an Instagram Story sharing as well.

We will run a marketing campaign so your story will be in front of a larger audience.

Benefits & Rewards

1. Inspire
The primary goal of this project is sharing inspiration through fitness stories.
Some athletes want to be heard and leave an impact in somebody else's life with their inspiring stories, this is the kind of participants we are looking for!
If you are looking for a free promotion/shoutout then this is NOT for you! There's a Support & Verificationfee you will pay to make sure you are serious about this!

2. Get exposure
Although this is not our goal, getting your story on our website and social media accounts will for sure put you in front of a large audience.
It's up to them to get in touch with you or follow you on your social media!

3. Look credible
Behind Bodybuilders is a trusted body in the fitness world, and being featured on our website and social media pages will work for you as a social proof, definitely it will make you look more credible and trustworthy! This will work best for you if you are a fitness trainer or running any fitness related business, as you can share the "As seen on Behind Bodybuilders" badge.

4. Receive your rewards
As a thank you for your payment for the Support & Verification fee you will be privileged with an access to our private community, get a certificate of appreciation, and receive a gift (apparel, mugs, accessories) if you stay as a loyal member to our private community.

Let's Get Started

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