One last step left.

Do you believe that the fitness community would benefit from the discontinuation of the Behind Bodybuilders project?

Do you think it is acceptable for Behind Bodybuilders to be compromised by fake stories and applicants with frivolous intentions?

Given that you have already submitted your fitness story, it is evident that you strongly disagree with the aforementioned propositions. To actively prevent such occurrences and demonstrate your stance against them, we kindly request your prompt action to ensure the publication of your story.

We invite you to proceed by making the payment for the Verification & Support fee, just as all other applicants have done to have their fitness stories featured with us.

The Verification & Support fee serves two essential purposes:

  • Verification: With a significant influx of applications, we encounter numerous instances of falsified or unserious submissions. It is imperative for us to ensure the authenticity and seriousness of each applicant, validating that you are indeed who you claim to be.
  • Support: Behind Bodybuilders shoulders numerous expenses as we diligently engage in copywriting, photo editing, website and social media management, marketing, and more. The fee aids us in covering these costs, enabling us to continually serve dedicated fitness enthusiasts like yourself.

The true strength of Behind Bodybuilders lies in our collective effort, and we rely on your understanding and support to make this project thrive. Together, we can inspire and uplift countless individuals within the fitness community.

We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to this shared endeavor.

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