Allen Geekie 

Manchester, United Kingdom

"I no longer see fitness as a chore or a necessity, it is my lifestyle.

My fitness journey started in University. I was fed up with the lifestyle I had created there. Drinking most days, going to sleep at 4am, waking up at 12pm and missing lectures because of it. I was unhappy with being unhealthy.

I decided to invest in a personal trainer to hold me accountable for the decision I had made to change my life around.

I had never weight trained before. When I thought of the gym I would think of cardio on the treadmill, cross trainer or the bike, which didn’t appeal to me. It had never occurred to me that women could weight train just as hard as men!

I was introduced to the world of lifting!! I immediately fell in love with it. As well as seeing my personal trainer twice a week, I would attend the gym myself 4 times a week just to weight train. At this point my training was not optimal as I was still learning form and building up my strength. However, I was experiencing so many mental benefits at this point that it did not matter. I had found purpose and passion.

I started learning more about weight lifting by listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos and general research online. I found that my interest in fitness was taking priority over my university work. This is when I made the decision to drop out of university and follow my passion. This was scary, as it was an unknown territory.

However, I signed up to a personal training course and never looked back!

Currently, I have taken my obsession for weight training to the next level. I have decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition in 2022. This is very exciting, as the women I look up to in the fitness industry mostly consist of bikini competitors.

My fitness journey has only just begun. I have a new fitness goal every week, it never stops and I love it!"

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