Anna A. 


"I used to be way too skinny. Skin on bones, for as long as I can remember. I did have abs, but just because there was fat to cover them. I was happy and physically active, but my physique made everyone around me worry a lot and get sad.

I started bulking, eating a lot, gaining what felt like literal tons of weight and getting fat in far too short a time, which definitely wasn't a healthy thing to do and caused complications. The only thing I could say I was happy with in retrospect was my newly gained breast size, but I couldn't look at myself in the mirror anymore.

In order to fix all of the above, I started working out daily and I started listening to my body and stomach to get in a healthy and fit shape, one that I could be happy with myself and that wouldn't make anyone worry about me either.

My passion and will for getting fit made me really enjoy working out. It became a habit, maybe even an addiction. I used to do truly any kind of workout I felt like, often resorting to weights, but I found my true calling in full body workouts, mostly power aerobics, for it doesn't require any extra items and can be done anywhere.

Seeing many others at the gym strive for similar results, often for the same reasons, made me want to help them out. It made me start teaching workout classes. In the meantime I studied economics, which allowed me to become the gym manager I am today. Seeing people be happy and healthy brings me joy."

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