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You are excited isn't it?

You have all rights to be excited! Getting your fitness journey story published on Behind Bodybuilders, being featured on NBC, FOX, CBS,... as well as start receiving at least 800 new followers per month to your Instagram account, what can be more exciting than this!

Previously we took you through how to get yourself featured on major media outlets. And to remind you about it, it's all about creating a fun and participatory event that can grab attention and create traction.

The Guy With Longest Speech

There's a guy named Alext Cequea, he holds a Guinness world record for the longest speech.

Using the same sequel of steps we mentioned in our previous newsletter to you he managed to grab attention to him and being featured on many news outlets, plus getting listed on the Guinness World Records Book!

Actually this guy has gotten covered a couple of times by major media outlets for a different events he created!

He creates an event, documents it, create a blog or website about it, shares it with his friends, contacts related organizations, post about it on Reddit, and then he starts receiving traction!

Eventually he ends up receiving calls from viral content agencies, which leads to major media outlets covering his events and featuring him!

You can do it as well! As you can grow your Instagram following! Keep reading!

How to do it?
The Right Audience

The secret to grow your Instagram following is to focus on the right audience! 

Sounds obvious, isn't it?

Well most people are not doing this! Or they think they do!

For instance you are doing fitness, so it's obvious that you will target people who are interested in fitness! But how are you going to find these people and where?

As for "where" the answer is Instagram. Since we are looking to grow your following on Instagram we will work in Instagram.

As for "how to find them" the answer is through Instagram search tab.

Now you might think it looks easy, but it's not actually! You need to target the right people!


The first thing you need to do is head to Instagram search tab and tap any fitness related word, and search in the hashtag section. Hashtags would be something like #gymrat #armday #chestworout and so on.

You will see two tables of results! One labeled Top and the other labeled Recent. You will focus on the Recent one.

Start scrolling through the shown Recent posts, and check the profiles who are sharing the posts.

Your target should be real people with small following, 5,000 followers and less!

Real People?

Scrolling the posts and checking the profiles sharing them,  you will stumble upon three kinds of profiles. Real people profiles, business profiles, and fake profiles.

You can tell the real profiles by the content shared. Since it's about fitness, the profile basically will be made of posts covering the fitness journey of the owner of the profile. Another major indicator is the description of each post. Real people tend to write something related to the post they are sharing. A fake one will be a blank description or not relative to the post.

Power of Liking

Now that you have identified the right audience to target, real people with less than 5,000 followers, it's time to start doing the work that will bringing you new followers.

What you need to choose one of the profiles you targeted, and start to scroll through their followers.

You will need to focus on the followers who are interested in fitness. You can tell these simply from their profile pictures. In most of cases people who are doing fitness will have profile pictures of themselves while they are wearing workout outfits. So you can tell these easily.

The next step is to visit each follower profile, if it's made public then you can see their posts.

What you need to do is to like their last two or three posts.

That's it!

Repeat the same work with the other followers profiles!


The covered steps and work might look easy to do, but it's repetitive so you need to be patient and most importantly be consistent!

You need to do this work every single day! 

Real Followers 

The greatest thing about this technique is that it's getting you real followers! Means real people who are interested in the same thing you are interested in, fitness! This means that you will get better engagement with your content!

800 Followers Per Month, at Least!

The mentioned technique is tested and proven to be working, it's simple and we advise you to start practicing it from today to grow your Instagram following. Just be consistent!

The good news is there's a more effective way, and it's more promising! You will be able to gain at least 800 followers per month!

This will be revealed when we launch the Hall of Fame project within 4 days! Keep an eye for our next email, and for the link to enroll into the project!

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