How to get featured on:

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But you can do this yourself as well!

Yes, it's possible to get featured on NBC, CBS and other major media outlets even if you are not a celebrity or doing something unique!

Whether you are a personal trainer or a gym owner being featured on such well known networks will increase your credibility! Even if you are just working out for the sake if it, it would be so cool to have an article written about you published on a major media outlet!

Imagine what your clients, or friends and followers, will think when you share the article about you on your website or social media pages!

How to do it?

Traction is the secret word to get noticed by media outlets and all websites.

What do you usually see on the news? Or what's always being viral on social media? It's news and things that are always grabbing attention and creating a lot of traction.

Now you might ask, but I don't have anything special or I'm not doing anything special that might attract anybody to cover my story and get me featured!

That's right! You are not alone! Most of people are going along with their ordinary days and are not going to be followed by any news outlet!

So what should you do in this case?

Create Traction

Creating traction is your weapon to attract all media outlets and go viral! And the best way to do this is through events!

Getting featured on a major news outlet is not easy, and you can't do it in one day by doing one simple act! It needs a bit of work, and creating events is the best way to do it! Especially if it's fun and participatory at the same time!

Remember the 2014 ice bucket challenge that went went viral to spread awareness about the ALS disease and encourage donations?

That's what we are talking about! If you can create an event that is at the same time fun to do, anybody can do it, and also require participation of others, then be sure in a short period of time it will go viral and you will start getting traction. The end result is that you will end up being contacted and interviewed by media channels and major news websites.

By now you might think that the idea sounds cool and look easy theoretically, but what kind of events you will create and how to start?

As we mentioned above, as long as the event is fun and participatory then your stakes of success are high. And you can come up with a lot of events that fall under such category easily and instantly! Think about crazy idea and crazy things that sound intimidating, and create a simple blog about the event so when it's been shared and followed by everyone, there will be a source thatnews outlets can go back to to get in touch with you when you go viral.

Since you are doing fitness, keep your events ideas in this niche, and to help here is a couple of ideas you might try:

-Workout in pajamas to share awareness about importance of sleep to have better fitness results
-Meditation in gyms to highlight the importance of mindfulness
-Walking in squats in shopping malls
-Walking around the streets wearing a workout outfit and giving high fives to people passing by

Grab Attention

Creating such events is pretty easy, the events are fun and participatory, but that's not enough! You need to grab attention!

The first thing you should do is documenting your event, whether by taking photos or recording videos. It doesn't matter if the videos are short or long.

The second thing to do is creating a simple blog, that has a title related to your event, for example "Pajamas Workout Challenge" where you will simply explain your event, why you are doing it, and invite others to participate and share their own pictures and videos on social media. You will ask them to share their material on social media using hashtags. For instance the hashtag would be #PajamasWorkoutChallenge for our example.

The next step is spreading the word about the event you have created. At this stage you will start emailing your friends telling them about what you have created and asking them to participate. You will email them the link to your blog where they will discover your event and learn about participating. You will be surprised about how your friends will not let you down, and that they will jump right away to support your event!

At this point the wheel of traction will start working as your friends will start using the hashtag you created and sharing about the event on social media, and more people will start enrolling! But that's not enough!

Power of Causes & Reddit

Now you need to go in full scale to get the wheel of traction rolling at its highest speed! The best way to do this is to get the help of causes and the Reddit network!

1. Causes
Since your event is about sharing awareness about some important topic, then organizations and causes aligned with your event will be of good use.

What  you need to do here is searching online for non profit organizations and causes which are aligned with your event. Same as you did with your friends, you will send them an email telling them about the event you have started, and always remember to link back your blog.

Put in mind that most of them won't reply back, so have some patience, as you don't need everyone to respond positively! Some of them will get back to you looking for some sort of an online interview with you to tell them more about the event and about yourself. They will start writing about you and your event, also they will link back to your blog.

Congrats! The traction wheel started speeding up!

2. Reddit
The Reddit platform is a very powerful socialsharing network! Share about your event on Reddit a couple of times, and again link back to your blog. Don't give up because you didn't see results from the first day! Keep publishing about your event and soon a lot of Reddit users will start sharing your post. The traction wheel is speeding up even more!

Calls Will Start Rolling

Congrats! Now as your even is getting a lot of traction being shared on social media, getting written about on different blogs, and shared on Reddit, and since everywhere it's linking back to your blog, get ready to receive a ton of emails and phone calls! (Don't forget to add your contact details on your blog)

Viral Content Agencies 

You might end up as a guest of Ellen DeGeneres, but don't expect to receive a direct call from her or one of her assistants immediately! There's some middle man who will get in touch with you first!

There is what we call "viral content agencies" which are specialized in sharing viral content and spread it to all major media outlets. Ever wondered why sometimes some event is all over the news at the same time? Well these agencies are responsible for that!

Since your event is getting good traction, you should expect to receive some emails and calls from representative of these agencies, trying to get more exclusive info about you and your event so they will share it to major media outlets. If you agree, you should expect a call from Ellen's assistant!

Discard All the Above!

Well we don't mean to discard it completely! You still can run your event, do all the hard work of documenting your event, creating a blog, and sharing about it everywhere, then cross your fingers while waiting for a viral content agency to give you a call.

But, with our Hall of Fame project, you will be able to skip all that! No need for you to create any event! You will be able to get featured on NBC, FOX, CBS, and more right away!

Within 6 days we will launch the Hall of Fame project, you will be able to enroll by then, and enjoy getting featured by major media outlets without the need to do anything! Keep an eye on your inbox!

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