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If you are still seeing this page this means that you are still can enroll into the Hall of Fame project!

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We only accept 50 applicants!
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There are plenty of benefits when joining the Hall of Fame!


By enrolling to the Hall of Fame project you will get your fitness story published on Behind Bodybuilders website as well as the Instagram page! More than 1,200 people already did this!

Behind Bodybuilders is a platform made specifically for fitness enthusiasts to tell their fitness stories and inspire! You will tell the world why and when you started working out and how the journey has affected your life.

2. get Featured on NBC, FOX, CBS,...

Yes, as promised before in our previous newsletters, and as we taught you, it's possible to get you featured on these major media outlets!

Our team will get your fitness story handed to NBC, USA Today, CBS, FOX, and many other media outlets and it will published on their websites!

We will hand you the links from these major websites linking to your story!


In one of our newsletters to you we taught you how to grow your Instagram following, and it requires some work. But with the Hall of Fame you will start gaining at least 800 new followers month in month out without doing a single thing!

Using our collaborations with celebrities and Instagram influencers such huge increase in your following is guaranteed!

Inspiration. Exposure. Credibility.

1. Inspiration
By publishing your fitness journey story using the power of Hall of Fame, you will be a source of inspiration to all the readers who will discover you! You will be the sparkle that will set positive change in somebody else's life!

2. Exposure
Getting your fitness story published on Behind Bodybuilders, and being featured on NBC, CBS, FOX,... as well as getting you a huge following every month are all incredible sources for exposure.

Whether you are a personal trainer, gym owner or just training and looking for more exposure for future reasons, this is a great opportunity to grant that and maximize your endeavors.

3. Credibility
Being featured on a trusted body in the fitness community as Behind Bodybuilders as well as major media outlets will make you look more trustworthy and credible! Traits well demanded nowadays to set yourself in any market and in any community!
This will help in your verification file on social media networks! They favor people who are recognized by the media!

3 Steps 

1. Enroll to the Hall of Fame
Using the button below on this page you will be able to enroll to the Hall of Fame project.

Put in mind that all the benefits we mentioned above require a lot of work from our part, so we can't serve a big number of applicants! Also it's time consuming so this project is only open for today!

We will accept only 50 people! First to come first to serve! As you are still seeing this page this means there's a spot for you! Hurry up scroll down and claim it!

Tonight at 11:59 pm we will close the doors for new applicants! Although we doubt there will be any left spot by then!

2. Submit your application
In case you found an open spot and enrolled after you complete the enrollment process you will be sent to an application page where you will be able to submit all the necessary details about you, as well as being able to write us your fitness journey story.

3. We will start working
As soon as we receive your application we will:

  1. Create you a personal page on Behind Bodybuilders website. It will host your fitness story and personal details. We will publish your fitness story on Behind Bodybuilders Instagram page as well.
  2. Send your fitness story to NBC, CBS, FOX, and many other media outlets to get it published and get you featured.
  3. Contact celebrities and create a marketing campaign for you to start gaining you at least 850 new followers every month, as long as you are still enrolled in the Hall of Fame project.
  4. Hand you links to all the sources that featured you.

Hall of Fame



✔ Your fitness story published on Behind Bodybuilders website
✔ Your fitness story published on Behind Bodybuilders Instagram page
✔ Get your personal page on Behind Bodybuilders website
✔ join Behind Bodybuilders private community
✔ Receive a certificate of appreciation
✔ Gifts (apparel, mugs, accessories,...) sent to your home quarterly


✔ Full Report with live links
✔ Get published in Google News
✔ "As seen on" website Trust Badge
✔ 200 News Publications Guaranteed
✔ Published within 5 days

850 minimum followers per month

✔ 850 Minimum Followers Per Month
✔ No Instagram Login Needed
✔ No bots
✔ No fake followers
✔ No blocks
✔ No banned accounts

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