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So far we helped more than 1,150 fitness enthusiasts from around the world put their fitness journey stories in front of a large audience, inspire, get exposure and gain credibility.
Are you going to be next?

Why your story matters?

Whether you won a bodybuilding competition, lost one pound of fat, or simply felt good today after your routine workout, there's always a story behind such achievements no matter how small they are.

Why you started working, when your fitness journey started and what impacts it brought to your life, all these are the base for a fitness story that can be a source of inspiration for somebody else!

Take a second and think how you feel every time you hit a milestone in your fitness journey. Now imagine how you would feel if you know that somebody else got inspired by you, and had a positive change in their life because they heard about your fitness story! No doubt you will feel great that you inspired somebody else to be a better person!

Achievements are way better when celebrated with others! And so your overall fitness story when shared with others!





inspiring stories published so far


we are now publishing stories of athletes from outside the US as well, stories from 18 different countries been published so far


the stories we published gathered more than 1 million likes across all platforms we shared the stories on


we are the world #1 platform made specifically for sharing fitness stories
How we will help you

1. Your Personal Page

We will create you a personal verified page on our website. It will host your fitness story, your personal details (name, picture, hometown) and a link to your Instagram account.

Visitors of your personal page can vote up for your story and interact with you on the same page. By getting a lot of votes you can get your personal page featured on our website home page!

2. More Coverage

In addition to publishing your fitness story on our website, we will put it as well on our social media accounts!

Social media networks are the most visited platforms online, so we are not going to miss this opportunity to put you in front of a wider audience! We will share your fitness story on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

3. Marketing

Now that we created your personal page on our website and published your story on it, plus sharing the story on our social media pages, what else can we do to help you get more attraction to your story?

We will create a marketing campaign and promote your story so it will be in front of more readers! 

Inspiring fitness stories from around the world
A lot to gain... What you will get 

1. Gain Exposure

After we publish your fitness story on our website, social media accounts and boost it for a maximum reach you will be in front of a very large audience that will get to discover you. On all platforms we will link back to your Instagram account.

2. Gain Credibility

Behind Bodybuilders is a trusted body in the fitness world. Being featured on our platform will work as a social proof for you! Everybody seeing you on Behind Bodybuilders will know that you are authentic and trustworthy!

3. Gain Success

Whether your goal is create a brand, get more clients, or gain more followers on social media, sharing your story on Behind Bodybuilders will help with this!

We will put you in front of a large audience that will trust you.

We do care

Behind Bodybuilders will always be committed for a human connection first.

We treat athletes, and everybody, as one of our team. You are our friend and we treat you as such.

Our noble mission of sharing inspiration through fitness stories forces us to put good manners and good connections first.

No matter your nationality, your gender, your color, your religion,... you are our friend and  you are welcomed into our community of inspiring athletes.

Simply put, our motto is "be nice".

We are updating our admission policy

At Behind Bodybuilders we are committed at helping everyone with an inspiring fitness story.

When we first started this project all our work was free of charge, but due as we started growing up we are now putting a fee in place. The fee was introduces basically for two reasons:

1. Our Work Expenses
As we are now getting bigger and working more professionally, our work expenses are getting higher and higher.

This project is our day to day job. As you go to work everyday to put food on your table, here at Behind Bodybuilders we come everyday to work and we need to put food on our table as well. The fee we are having now in place is our source of income.

2. Verification Purpose
When Behind Bodybuilders started getting more attention from the fitness community, we started receiving a huge amount of applications. Unfortunately big part of them are from people with fake identities and fake stories.

In order to keep the frivolous away we put the fee condition in place.

The Admission Fee
Currently the admission fee is set for $75.
It's a one-time payment that will guarantee you getting your story published, be our source of income and verify that you are who you say you are.

Plenty of other rewards are waiting for you when you pay the admission fee. You can discover them below.

The power of Behind Bodybuilders is that we are doing it together. We help you inspire, get exposure and gain credibility, and you help us thrive by supporting our mission.
As a thank you for paying the admission fee, we have put a set of benefits and rewards for you.
➊ Access to private content on our Patreon page
➊ Certificate of appreciation
➊ Gifts (mugs, apparels, accessories,...) sent to you
➊ Discounts on premium supplements  & exclusive line of apparel
Let's get you sarted

On the next page you will be able to submit your fitness story application.

Simply you will be asked to enter your personal details (name and hometown), and put your story together by answering a couple of questions (minimum of 250 words), submit a mantra you believe in (a short sentence you can formulate yourself) and finally upload your favorite pictures.

As soon as you hit the submit button you will be sent to the admission fee payment page. The payment is hosted by Patreon, and by paying the fee you become a member of our Patreon community as well.

If you are interested in just getting your story published, then you should cancel your subscription with us on Patreon as soon as you make the payment, so you won't get charged again.


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