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Behind Bodybuilders has a mission of helping bodybuilders, and people working out in general, tell the life stories behind their success and achievements, and you can help us with this mission!

Instead of making these stories available for a small community of paying members on our website, we decided to make them public and free to everyone to read, so we are sharing them publicly on Instagram and Facebook. Also we decided to not run any ads on our website, or promote any products on any outlet we have, to give everyone reading the stories a very smooth experience!

Behind Bodybuilders is NOT a non-profit organization, it's a business and we have expenses to cover and profits to make, so to continue with our concept of a smooth experience, we decided to adopt another source of funding which is creating a Patreon page!

Patreon is a platform that allows creators and businesses to deliver their services without being subject to pressures and instructions of advertisers and sponsors! It's where creators can get paid directly by their followers in the form of pledges! Anyone who gives a pledge on Patreon will be called a patron!

We have created a $3/mo patron tier called "Gold Patron" on our Patreon page (this is the overall average pledge patrons are paying to creators on Patreon), and by pledging this amount you will help us keep working hard to share bodybuilders (and people doing any kind of workout) stories, make these stories available to everyone to read, and give you and everyone else a smooth experience!

As a thank you for your pledge you will get access to the exclusive content we share on our Patreon page, and also send you a certificate of appreciation!

So if you liked the idea of Behind Bodybuilders and want it to stay alive and thrive, then click the button below and become our patron on Patreon!

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