Josh Einwechter 

Stafford, VA

"I was always a really skinny kid with not much upper body strength. I remember I couldn’t even do one pull up! I was very self conscious about my super skinny arms & lack of strength. I always wanted to have muscles but I didn’t know how to achieve my goal. So one day I joined a gym and just started using the machines. I had to read all of the instructions on each machine because I had no idea what I was doing. I remember those early days in the gym, I was so intimidated by, what seemed to be, everyone else who has huge and ripped and here I was just a skinny little dude with no idea about what i was doing. But I kept going day after day and I slowly started to get stronger and see progress.

It was about two years into working out where my fitness really took off. Before then I was still eating pizza and pop tarts all the time but once I realized that nutrition plays such a huge role into performance & body composition (among many other things) everything clicked. I was a student of fitness and did all I could to gain as much knowledge about nutrition, how different muscles work, proper form, rest & recovery and so much more. Every since that day I have seen so much growth and feel in control of my body and performance.

I love what working out and eating right has done for my life, it relieves stressf, gives confidence & makes me feel great! I’ve realized my body can do so much more than I ever thought it was possible of and I can now do pull-ups with ease! I am in no way a huge guy but I am proud of how I have gone from that skinny little kid who didn’t have confidence in my own strength to now constantly challenging myself to achieve that next level and living a year round performance base strong and shredded lifestyle!"

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