Juliana Johan 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Started my fitness journey consistently from 2019- I was 46 with severe depression & I lost my job. It was tough enough being a single mom of 3 and then jobless. I know I have to keep myself healthy and must lose the weight that been piling up. I was 80 kg with5’5 in height- Dress size was xxl. I was unhealthy. Doctor adviced me to change my diets & start exercise if I want to see my kids grow up.

I couldn’t spend money for gym membership or hire a PT. From there I decided to enroll for Fitness Instructors certification with intentions to learn in details about fitness and nutrition. From learning, now I am a certified fitness & nutrition coach.

To summarise my story, you must change your mindset first , build the mental strength and practice micro changes to kick the bad habits and replace them with good one. It’s not easy. That’s the start of my fitness journey.
Healthy lifestyle and healthy body built by habits, consistency & accountability . When we are mentally strong, any goals are possible to achieve.

And I know I have to be mentally & physically strong to show my kids a good example, growing in a healthy lifestyle which they will not struggles in life when they grow up.
I believe that everyone can adapt to building mental strength training, especially when it comes to fitness & nutrition.

I'm 48 this year and I’m very grateful I started to take accountability of my health & life."

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