Mel Wade 

Northamptonshire, UK

"I have been in the sporting industry since I was a child, starting as a gymnast, I then developed into a Level 5 (HPC) Gymnastics Coach. When I was at the height of my coaching career - before I had my beautiful children, I would train gymnasts up to 25 hours per week, my proudest achievement is helping one of my gymnasts earn her place in the GB Development squad. 

I have 3 girls and finally a boy, when I fell pregnant with my 4th, I was over 40 and found the whole pregnancy very hard, I found not being able to do things as easy as I could before quite difficult and I felt quite low at some points, It was during this time that I thought once I’ve had this little man I want to do something to help others, not just post pregnant ladies but male and females that want to feel better about themselves.

With this in mind I am continuing to put myself through fitness instructor qualifications.....I’m loving the learning process and sharing the knowledge I am recieving with others.

My favourite part from coaching the elite gymnasts was programming, if a gymnast struggled to achieve a move, researching why and what exercises I could do to help was a passion of mine, helping them accomplish something they never thought possible. Correct technique is so important but working/stretching the muscles to help obtain this technique is even more important.

Now I would like to program for adults who have a goal they wish to achieve, I love to plan and create fitness sessions that have as much variety as possible as well as achieving results

I believe anything is possible if you have the dedication and desire."

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