Monique Power 

Perth, WA, Australia

"In August of 2016 my dad passed away from a heart attack. After this I decided to focus more on my health and take my friend up on his offer to join him in the gym. We spent late nights in the gym working out it was an amazing release for me. I started following influencers on Instagram and YouTube learning different movements and workouts. I started to see results both physically and mentally, I feel in love with the process.

My fitness journey was kicked up a notch when I discovered Tim Frey & Helix Gym in 2018. I had never physically pushed myself so hard & I was loving every moment of it.
Helix held an annual Bali Bootcamp for members willing to throw themselves into a wholistic experience like no other. I had decided I was going to attend at the end of 2018.

In March of 2018 my twin sister fell severely ill with viral encephalitis, being induced into a coma & remaining so for 4 weeks. I spent my days working full time in retail & spent my nights at the hospital by her side. I felt helpless & the only aspect of my life I felt I had control of was my fitness & nutrition. So I attended the 5:30am session at Helix before work everyday & signed up for the Helix 6 Week Challenge. I dove head first into the challenge & dropped a tonne of body fat before heading to Bali for the Helix Bootcamp.

My twin was on the fast track to recovery after waking from her Coma she was learning to walk, talk & eat again, she is my motivation. Witnessing her push through & regain the strength to complete daily tasks we take for granted will forever motivate & inspire me.

Helix Bali Bootcamp was a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience. The love and appreciation I have for Tim Frey, Steph Gorton and Helix Gym is indescribable they have changed my life since the moment I met them.
After Bali due to my rapid decrease in body fat I was on a journey to repair my nutrition and body.

This year I’m starting 2021 with a healthy flexible diet, fuelling my body correctly to hit PBs at Helix & enjoying a diverse range of training & constantly improving my skills.

Fitness has done so much for me physically & mentally having the ability to zone out for an hour or so in the gym I would say has saved me.

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