Richie Mitchell 

Galloway, NJ

"Hey what’s up guys Richie here, I just wanted to first get off my chest for anyone out there struggling with depression or anxiety, I have dealt with both my entire life, I know it can be rough at times but working out and eating healthier has duly changed my life completely.

A few years ago I could barely get myself on the bed and to stop eating junk food and gaming.. to say the least it caught up to me slowly and I noticed my body had changed for the worst and I was truly unhappy, I cleaned up my diet and bought my first half power rack and a few plates, a bar and some dumbbells... the journey had started!

All through high school and middle school I weighed the exact same, 145-150 soaking wet couldn’t gain a pound no matter how much I tried, force feeding myself extra snacks only led to me feeling like crap, I had a super fast metabolism and didn’t understand the amount of calories I was burning through out the day vs what I needed to maintain my muscle / and or grow.

Now that I started lifting I needed to eat almost double what I was, I was usually in taking roughly 1,500 calories a day when I would just sit around and game, once I started lifting I raised the calorie intake to about 2,400 - 2,600 and it started to make a huge difference. Within three years I put on 30 pounds. Now I still could lose a little body fat % but hey I’m in the best shape of my life now at almost 30 years old.

All in all we need to stop comparing ourselves to others so much, and just make short term goals, go head strong in the gym and make sure you are working “harder than last time” -Greg Doucette. Staying consistent with your diet and workout routine will pay off tremendously but you need to understand nothing happens over night! Never lose faith!"

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