one last step left...

the power of Behind Bodybuilders is that we are doing it together

What's Happening Right Now:

Our team right now is:

  • Creating a personal page for you on our website! Your official Behind Bodybuilders page! It will host your fitness story, your picture, and all details about you! It will link back to your Instagram account! Readers will be able to comment and interact with you on this page!
  • Editing your photo and create different social media posts to publish your fitness story
  • Creating a marketing campaign to promote your story
What You Need to Do (Last Step):

All you have left to do now is paying the Verification & Support fee!

Why Pay the Verification & Support?
1. Verification: we receive a lot of unserious applications (fake stories, fake identities,...), the fee will help verify you are who you say you are, and keep the frivolous away.

2. Support: this project is our day to day job, we have no sources of income and we rely on applicants contributions for that. The payment will help cover our expenses (including paying for a marketing campaign to promote your story), do a professional work and keep helping fitness enthusiasts get their voices heard.

What You Will Get Out of Publishing Your Story:

1. Inspire: your voice will be heard, people will discover your story and you will be a source of inspiration
2. Get exposure: being published on our website and Instagram and Facebook pages will put you in front of a large audience which means more exposure that can translates into more followers and leads.
3. Look credible: Behind Bodybuilders is a trusted body in the fitness world, and being featured on such a trusted body means you will look credible and trustworthy
4.Receive gifts & rewards: access to our private community + certificate of appreciation + gift sent to your home address quarterly + discounts + ...




Should you have an questions or inquires, send us an email to

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