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Verification & Support

Thanks for sending us your fitness story! All you have to do now is paying the Verification & Support fee.

The power of Behind Bodybuilders is that we are doing this mission together, and the Verification & Support fee will guarantee the integrity and sustainability of this noble mission. This fee is in place for:

1. Verification: we receive a huge amount of application, and unfortunately so many of them are not serious and fake applications. To keep our space clean for the authentic only, the Verification & Support fee will work as a filter. It will help us know that you are who you say you are and that you are serious about our project.

2. Support: Behind Bodybuilders is our day to day job, and at the end we are a business, we have expenses to cover, profits to make and salaries to pay. Your payment of the Verification & Support fee is our only source of income and it will help us financially to keep working and serving more fitness enthusiasts like yourself.

What You Will Get:
-Your story published on our website (+450k monthly visitors)
-Your story published on our Instagram & Facebook pages (+50k fitness community)
-Your story boosted for maximum reach on social media and search engines (+2 million audience)
-Certificate of appreciation
-VIP access to our private fitness community
-Gifts (apparel & accessories) sent to you periodically

What You Should Expect:
-More exposure online
-Social media following increase (+800 followers within one month)
-Higher credibility in the fitness world
-More business opportunities (sponsorship, business deals, fitness clients,...)




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