Story Submission Request

Behind the achievements of fitness enthusiasts there's always an inspiring story to hear. So we created this space (website and associated social media account) to be the hub where people like you can tell their stories and INSPIRE. And we invite you to be our source of inspiration for today.

Using the link below you can submit your details (pictures, story, and mantra). Then we will create you a personal page on our website that will host all the details. Readers can comment and vote up for your story on the same page.
You can use the link to your page to put on your social media accounts, email etc... Being on a trusted body in the fitness world such as Behind Bodybuilders will work as a social proof for you to gain more credibility and say you are AUTHENTIC.

Also we will publish your story on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Means more people will get inspired, and more EXPOSURE for you.

As you can see on our website (or social media accounts) more than 1,170 people have inspired with us so far, and we want so much to get you on our different outlets, as well as everybody else, but we need your SUPPORT for this!

This project is our day to day job, and we do a lot of work for a professional outcome (copywriting, marketing, photo editing, website & social media management,...), means a lot of expenses! Also, unfortunately, we receive a lot of non serious requests, means we need to tell the authentic from the fake!

To help us with this you will be asked to pay a one time fee of $75. This will support us to keep working, will ensure you are who you say you are, and keep the fake and frivolous away!

We are so excited to publish your story, and we rely on your support. So we've put a set of benefits as well as a thank you for your contribution (certificate of appreciation, gifts sent to you, discounts, access to our private community,...).

So to get started go ahead and submit your application use the button below.

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