Tabitha Cortijo 

Milton, DE

"I’ve always been very athletic, active, and played numerous sports throughout grade school. I joined a local gym a handful of years ago and began my love of strength training. I joined class after class and worked out with some amazing women. I was loving the way my body felt after a lifting workout and began an interest in pursuing a career in fitness but didn’t have the time or money. Shortly after, I changed jobs and I was unable to attend the classes at my local gym. This put a big dent in my life. With my work schedule changed and life crazy, I stopped going to the gym and eventually stopped working out altogether.

Cue Covid. The pandemic hit and everything changed. Stress, worry, lockdown, binge-eating, depression, anxiety, all hit like a ton of bricks. I was in a rut. A big one at that so, I began a journey to lose a bit of weight and feel better about myself which turned into an amazing passion to help myself and others feel good about their bodies and live a healthy-ish lifestyle. I wanted more of a challenge from the fitness world and began promoting workout challenges on social media. My groups and women were super successful. They were loving the results they were seeing and I was loving the feeling I got from helping others. The amount of support I received was amazing and pushed me to finally get my certification in personal training.

I’m a newbie and by no means an expert. I definitely have a lot to learn but I know that choosing health and happiness will prevail. Creating a healthy lifestyle can change your entire outlook on life and helps to complete you. I am happier than I’ve ever been before. I put my health first and continue to work hard every day. I work out 6-7 times a week and I’m lifting heavier weights than I’ve ever lifted before.

Your health is the most important thing in your life and I want to support and guide others in choosing to take care of themselves. It’s not easy to do things alone. A great support system is extremely helpful and beneficial. That’s what I want to provide, an amazing place for women and/or men to receive support and guidance to better their lives. We all need help from time to time but if we let fear stand in the way, it will dictate what we do. We all deserve to feel strong, empowered, energized, amazing, and fabulous."

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