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After dedicating more than nine years to my fitness journey, receiving an invitation to share my fitness story on Behind Bodybuilders turned out to be the luckiest day of my life. Not only did I feel incredible telling the world my story and inspiring countless people, but it also opened up a remarkable opportunity for me. On that very first day, I secured 32 clients for online coaching, and these are my very first clients ever. They discovered me through Behind Bodybuilders, and it's been an amazing journey, as I began making $7,200 a month right from the start. This whole experience has been a dream come true, allowing me to share my passion and help others achieve their fitness goals.

Josh Underwood
Salem, NC

What Insights Will You Put In Your Fitness Story?

We hold the belief that every individual engaged in their fitness journey possesses an inspiring story that underscores their path to wellness, and we are convinced that these narratives can serve as a wellspring of motivation for others.

In your story, we encourage you to share the pivotal moment when you embarked on your fitness journey, elucidating the motivations that propelled you forward. Additionally, we invite you to detail the transformative experiences you've encountered and the enduring positive impact that fitness has had on your life. Feel free to recount your proudest achievements and outline your future aspirations. Any unique and intriguing facets of your journey are also welcome. Remember, your fitness story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for others, so don't underestimate its potential to inspire and uplift.

Publishing my fitness journey on Behind Bodybuilders was a game-changer! From day one, I gained over 800 followers, and the support and encouragement from this amazing community have been overwhelming. It's incredible how sharing my story has connected me with like-minded individuals who share my passion for fitness. Thank you, Behind Bodybuilders, for providing the perfect platform to inspire and be inspired!

Jemma Moyer
Pasadena, CA

Where your story will be published?

1. Behind Bodybuilders Website: Your fitness story will have a dedicated page on our website, viewed by over 1.2 million monthly visitors.

2. Instagram Page: We will feature your story on our Instagram page.

3. Facebook Page: Your story will also be shared on our Facebook page, reaching an even wider audience.

4. Extended Marketing Campaign: Your fitness story will be part of our extensive marketing campaign, which reaches over 2 million individuals in the global fitness community through various social media platforms. This campaign is designed to further amplify the impact of your story and inspire a broader audience.

5. Link Back to Your Instagram: Every publication will include a prominent link back to your Instagram account, enhancing your visibility and potentially increasing your following.

Celebrate the Benefits of Sharing Your Fitness Story

1. Inspire Others: Your journey becomes a source of inspiration for countless individuals on their fitness journeys.

2. Global Exposure: Your story is promoted internationally through our platform, providing you with a unique opportunity for global recognition.

3. Increased Credibility: Becoming a featured athlete on Behind Bodybuilders enhances your credibility in the fitness community, potentially leading to new business opportunities.

4. Case Study Feature: Your fitness journey may be selected as a case study, highlighting your achievements and the positive impact of your transformation.

5. Dedicated Web Page: Your fitness story has a dedicated page on our website, viewed by over 450,000 monthly visitors.

6. Social Media Presence: We feature your story on our Instagram page, followed by 40,000 fitness enthusiasts, and share it on our Facebook page.

7. Link Back to Your Instagram: Every publication includes a prominent link back to your Instagram account, enhancing your visibility and potentially increasing your following.

8. Extended Marketing Campaign: Your fitness story is part of our extensive marketing campaign, reaching over 2 million individuals in the global fitness community on various social media platforms.

Behind Bodybuilders has been a game-changer for me as an athlete. Sharing my story on this platform not only allowed me to connect with a broader audience but also opened up incredible opportunities. I've received valuable insights, support, and encouragement from fellow athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and my journey has inspired and motivated others to pursue their athletic dreams. Thanks to Behind Bodybuilders, my story is now a source of inspiration for others, and I've expanded my network in ways I never imagined possible. It's more than just a platform; it's a community that elevates everyone who shares their story.

Paula Gray
Tampa, FL

Start Sharing Your Fitness Journey Today!

Step 1: Submit Your Fitness Story

During this step, you'll complete your application by writing your fitness story (answering a couple of questions), providing your personal information, and uploading the photos you'd like us to include with your story.

Step 2: Pay Verification & Support Fee

Upon submitting your fitness story, you'll be directed to the payment page. The Verification & Support fee, a one-time payment of $75 (originally $495, now discounted. Spots are limited!), serves the dual purpose of verifying the authenticity and commitment of all applicants to our project while also providing essential financial support to sustain the project. This fee is obligatory, and it's worth noting that over 1,350 individuals who have already shared their stories with us have paid this fee. The benefits they've reaped from participating far outweigh the cost.

Step 3: Story Publishing & Boost

Upon receiving your application and confirming payment, we will promptly initiate the processing of your submission. Your fitness story will undergo professional rewriting, ensuring a polished presentation while preserving the accuracy of the facts and events related to your journey. Additionally, your photos will be expertly edited to exude a professional appearance.

We will proceed to craft a dedicated personal page on our website, which will feature your story, photographs, and personal information. Simultaneously, we will curate posts about your narrative for publication on our social media platforms. To further amplify your reach, we will execute a marketing campaign designed to expand your story's audience.

Whether showcased on our website or shared through our social media channels, all content will include a direct link to your Instagram account, ensuring that your online presence receives the recognition and attention it deserves.

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