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As been explained on the previous page you used to submit your application, the 3rd step is paying the Verification & Support fee! This fee is crucial to ensuring that all applications are legitimate and to help support the Behind Bodybuilders project financially, allowing us to continue to showcase inspiring athletes like you.

1. Validation and credibility: By paying the Verification & Support fee, applicants undergo a verification process that adds an extra layer of credibility to their fitness story. This verification helps ensure that the stories shared on Behind Bodybuilders are genuine and trustworthy, enhancing the overall reputation and reliability of the platform.
2. Dedicated support and guidance: The fee contributes to providing applicants with dedicated support and guidance throughout the process of sharing their fitness story. Behind Bodybuilders invests resources to offer personalized assistance, helping applicants refine their stories, optimize their content, and maximize the impact of their message.
3. Platform maintenance and development: The funds generated from the Verification & Support fee contribute to maintaining and continuously improving the Behind Bodybuilders platform. This includes website maintenance, hosting costs, feature enhancements, and ongoing efforts to reach a larger audience, ultimately benefiting all participants and increasing exposure for their stories.
4. Access to exclusive benefits: Paying the fee grants applicants access to exclusive benefits that can enhance their experience with Behind Bodybuilders. This may include perks such as priority feature placement, promotional opportunities, access to networking events or webinars, and the chance to connect with other fitness enthusiasts and industry professionals.
5. Amplified reach and exposure: Behind Bodybuilders invests in marketing and promotion to ensure that the stories shared by applicants receive maximum visibility. The fee contributes to marketing efforts that can attract a larger audience, expanding the reach of the applicant's story and potentially opening doors for collaboration, sponsorship, or other opportunities within the fitness community.

The Verification & Support fee is an investment in your own personal growth and in the platform's ability to support and amplify your fitness journey. By paying the fee, you demonstrate your commitment to sharing your story in an authentic and impactful way, and gain access to valuable resources and support from Behind Bodybuilders.

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