Vera Belinskaya 

Berlin, Germany

"My fitness journey started 3 years ago when I realized I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my body, the clothes continues getting tighter and it was stopping me from enjoying life. That is when I found love for fitness and dived deep. I learned immensely, I changed workouts and strived to get stronger. It was all about making it a habit and being disciplined.

My own progress motivated me to continue. However, I didn’t know when it was enough. I was working out 6 times a week with very high intensity weight training, under-eating, not resting. Plus I was trying everything I could: intermittent fasting, low carb, extremely high volume food, no food after 6, binging on the weekends. This “healthy” lifestyle got me to reach the other side of the spectrum - I was very underweight suffering from amenorrhea.

And my second journey started of figuring out what works for MY body, what lifestyle I need and how to be healthy and happy. I found a new love for fitness, I am fueling my body and most importantly I am listening to it. There is an abundance of information online and what is important to understand is that it’s not all right for you, try what you want but stick with what works for you and you only.

I love weight training and challenging myself but I am also not afraid to know that I need to pay attention to what my body needs, if it’s an extra rest day or extra calories! Once I changed my mindset, I got so much better in everything that I do, I got stronger, I have lift more and my body thanks me for it."

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