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The Verification & Support fee serves two essential purposes:

1. Confirming Your Identity: We implement this step to ensure that your identity matches the information you've provided, safeguarding the integrity of our platform. This helps us filter out unserious applications, counterfeit stories, and false identities that occasionally come our way.

2. Supporting Our Mutual Beneficiary Project: Our project relies on the financial support of our applicants, and in return, we are committed to delivering the full range of benefits promised by our work. Serving our applicants is a daily commitment that we take very seriously, ensuring a professional outcome for all involved.

To date, over 1,450 athletes have shared their fitness journeys with us, and each one has followed the same process, including this particular step. We kindly request that you complete it too, enabling us to move forward with the publication of your fitness story.

The Verification & Support fee is currently $75 only, discounted from $195.

The payment page is hosted by Patreon. The payment is made by default as a subscription for members interested in advanced features. For you to publish your story you do NOT have to stick to the membership. As soon as you make the payment click the "cancel my subscription" button so you don't get charged again.


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