Yesenia Resendez 

McAllen, TX

"I started my fitness journey about 8 years ago. It started with looking at myself in photos and realized I let myself get out of hand with weight. I got tired of feeling and looking miserable. I knew then I had to make a change. The moment I started I decided to give it my all.

Some time later I started to see the results and fell in love with the process. I fell in love with fitness and now it had become my passion. The hardest part of fitness was doing the daily things I didn’t want to do regardless of how I was feeling. There were days I didn’t want to workout. So many times where just taking the time felt a lot easier than putting in the work.

But I remember the confidence it gave me and how I felt about myself after I push through my hardest days. If their is one thing I learned about fitness is doing it because you want to do it and not because others are telling you to do it. Otherwise it won’t be a commitment within yourself to achieve a result that you are looking for.

We hear it all the time fitness is a lifestyle and it isn’t an easy one otherwise everyone would be doing it. Only the strong come out at the top because they learn what daily discipline takes when it comes to the physical exercise, mental exercise, emotional exercise, and over all nutrition."

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