Waukee, IA

I originally started my workout journey for the silliest reason, because someone didn’t want to date me. But that initial step took me down the path of educating myself on workout routines, lifting techniques and nutrition.

As I went down this path I started really enjoy lifting and pushing myself to lift heavy especially once I was introduced to the bench press, deadlift and squat. Deadlifts became one of my favorite lifts due to how much heavier I could keep lifting and pushing myself compared to the other lifts.

Lifting and working out evolved into an essential way for me to manage stress and help overcome difficulties in life while also maintaining a fit lifestyle to help ensure I stay in shape for work where I am on my feet all day lifting gear. My day job is a videographer and maintaining strength and endurance helps me get through the day without feeling overly rundown.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve recognized how important it is to maintain some level of fitness especially for my knees and lower back. When I miss too many workouts those are the areas I will feel it the most. So for longevity sake it is important to maintain a regular workout routine which might sometimes mean a change in schedule but you gotta do what you gotta to ensure you don’t start feeling awful from a lack of movement.

My current goal is to put on as much muscle as I can and maybe one day compete in a bodybuilding competition.