Kafr Al Dawar, Egypt

From the challenging streets of Egypt to the competitive stages of bodybuilding, my journey has been a testament to resilience and the pursuit of a dream. As a young boy, abandoned by my father, poverty and homelessness shaped my early years. With my mother caring for my sisters and me, I took on the responsibility of working before and after school to make ends meet.

The turning point came when a generous gym owner recognized my dedication. He allowed me to clean his gym for some extra cash, eventually granting me access to the weights at the age of 15. Weightlifting became more than just a physical pursuit; it became an outlet for my anger and a path to keep a teenage boy out of trouble. Local competitions marked the beginning of a journey that transcended the gym floor, leading to opportunities like working in local security.

Winning a competition became a pivotal moment, providing the means to build a home for my family, pulling them off the unforgiving streets. Inspired by a lifelong vision of myself as a champion, I delved into bodybuilding with a fervor. My dream took on new dimensions as I aspired to become a renowned bodybuilder, not just for personal glory but to bring happiness and pride to my family.

Love entered my life when I met a woman who shared my passion for fitness. Together, we forged a powerful partnership, creating the Worldwide Fitness App—a platform designed to give others the opportunity to transform their bodies, just as I had. The dream didn't stop there; we envisioned gyms with the same focus in both New York and Egypt, aiming to impact lives on a global scale.

Currently, my focus is on competing in championships across the United States, aiming to build a legacy that goes beyond personal achievements. Keep an eye out for me in the Physique Category; I'm not just aiming to participate, but to emerge as a winner, continuing a journey that began on the gritty streets of Egypt and continues to unfold on the grand stages of bodybuilding.