Milton, MA

It really started when my parents bought my sisters and I a YMCA membership during our childhood. It was therapeutic and consequential towards my work ethic and personal character. I was involved with martial arts, basketball, soccer, and track. I would eventually enlist with the Air Force. Despite all of this, my potential was capped by an incoherent nutrition philosophy. It's why I would develop a gut.

I told myself that I would fix this once and for all on my first deployment to the Middle East. This was also while I was trying to finish my college degree and balancing that with working almost 60 hours a week in the Desert. That deployment was symbolic because of the years I neglected being complacent, I was making them up in the span of months. That included fixing my lower back pain permanently leading me to running 5ks, half-marathons, a full one, as well as doing a 14 mile ruck march that I pushed to finish myself despite the pain, sweat, blood hemorrhaging from my nose due to the heat. The deployment in a way forever changed me that I would not recognize the person I was before my deployment.

As I returned back from my deployment fitter, more energetic, more college credits under the belt, and overall a better person, the first COVID-19 cases were being announced. I was in my last semester of college whereas a month in, the lockdowns were starting. My Unit was looking for volunteers to help with the COVID-19 response team. I would later end up being activated to help and this provided the opportunity to see how well the person I have become would test against the challenges.

In the result, I would learn multiple jobs improving my skillset and receive the Humanitarian Service award all while graduating from college in Computer Science. This also happened while my health and fitness skyrocketed. While the gyms were shut down, I started calisthenics and the beauty of it is the mass, skills, speed, and functionality gained from it were significant. This came especially as my schedule was irregular and I had to get creative with the time since I did not train by conventional duration.

My time on the COVID-19 response team combined with the physical and mental pinnacle I reached in a short time would later lead me to stop treating health and fitness as a hobby and making it my life's work. It was not my background to begin with but I believed with the strides I have made to compensate, I offer a unique perspective that could lead to bigger accomplishments to the industry. Being a Coach is just a stepping stone as was Drop shipping fitness products was when I started my entrepreneurial journey!