Amber Jones 

Madisonville, KY

I cheered my entire childhood. I always loved our days in the weight room in high school. After high school I struggled to find something to fuel the competitive part of my soul. In my adult life I’ve always admired bodybuilders and wondered what it would be like to compete. So in 2021 I bit the built and started prepping for my first show. When the prep was over and the show was over I was hooked. Pushing my body to its limits is something I look forward to everyday. Learning things about my body that I never knew before and accomplishing things I never thought possible. Doing it for me is what keeps me going. Knowing that it isn’t for everyone and most people have their own opinion of the sport but it’s a sport where I feel like I’m unstoppable makes me push for a better version of myself. I have always been “skinny” and I struggled with gaining weight my entire life. I’ve never been happy with my body and bodybuilding changed that. I am able to shape my body and be confident in my own skin which I never was before. I’d love to become an IFBB pro and someday be able to make my career health and fitness focused. I would be honored to be the woman that a young girl looks at the way I look at my favorite pros and give them the courage to chase their dreams even if they seem so for out of reach.