Damascus, AK

My name is Amy.
I was born the youngest and only girl out of 3 children. I was the first in my family to be born in America. They had me after my dad went to get his PHD at University of Lincoln Nebraska. My dad had a masters in British literature and my mother was into Computer science.

When I was four, we moved to Naperville, Illinois. I was a tomboy and a latchkey kid, considering I had 2 older brothers.

When I had entered the 6th grade. The physical education teacher, suggested I take up gymnastics. My second to the oldest brother, was already competing in the high school hymn team. He specialized in floor. I specialized in uneven bars. I competed in high school up until my senior year. I graduated in 2001.

I had looked at colleges, but the nearest school only had kinesiology, which I wasn’t interested in. Plus my parents really wanted me to be a English teacher as well.

I worked at an office job from 2005-2011. Lost that job and attempted blogging from 2011-2013. Then I had to move back home. I managed to talk my parents into letting me take National Personal Training Institute, which was a trade school for personal trainers/coaches.

I worked at Xsport and the YMCA. When I wasn’t training/coaching clients, I was working out, running trail runs, obstacle course racing, rucking and CrossFit. I also managed to squeeze in yoga, spin etc, while also volunteering at Empower Fitness Events. This was from 2013-2015. Approximately. Then I was advised to quit. Fast forward to 2023, and I had moved to another state, with my then boyfriend, now husband. I have a partial home gym, I am a member of an actual gym, and I can train remotely.

As to why I started working out.. When I was in high school, it was goal setting and blowing off steam. It’s still goal setting and blowing off steam in some ways. In some parts of my fitness lifestyle, there was a bonding and companionship. Others, blowing off steam, learning, goal setting and growing as an individual. So, between the why and the impact, it was and is major.

I am looking to learn, grow and maybe compete. I am currently trying to bulk before I cut. Ideally I’d like to compete, but that may take some time. I also would like to go to school again in the field of my choice. This is a lifestyle, that I refuse to quit.

So, that’s my story, that’s my why, the impact it has had on my life and what I am looking for.