Maricopa, AZ

In regards to weightlifting, Tony Horton’s P90X was my introduction to working out. But being limited to the weights we had available at home, my husband and I had started memberships at a gym to continue our fitness journey.

Weightlifting has become a huge influence in my life. It morphed from a desire to just be skinny, to wanting to build muscle and feel better in my day to day activities. Weightlifting has also helped me in my rehabilitation from multiple hip surgeries over the last 3 years (a right total hip replacement, left hip reconstructive surgery, and bilateral labral hip repairs).

I am recently 10 weeks post op from my left hip reconstruction, and am thankful I’ve built a foundation of discipline, perseverance, and strength in the gym. It has helped me in my recovery a ton, but still have a long road to being fully healed.

My fitness goals have changed from a weight goal/skinny look to PR goals with my lifts when I am fully recovered:
-bench press 145lbs (bw) for reps
-squats 290lbs (2x bw) for reps
-deadlift 325lbs for reps
-hip thrusts 500lbs for reps
-weighted chin ups and weighted pull ups for reps

One interesting thing about me, is regardless of my walking ability (when I could only walk with a walker for the first 7 weeks after my 3rd and 4th hip surgery, and then crutches after) I was still coming into the gym to do what I could (usually upper body only with machines, or if someone was there helping me with the free weights).

My goal with this is to inspire those who have faced or are facing injuries and surgical interventions. I understand the pain and frustration of going through recovery, and facing the notion that your mobility will never be the same. With weightlifting, my desire is to have a better quality of life. I will not be wheelchair bound in 10 years. I will be stronger, have better mobility, and be active in my Children’s lives for years to come.