Greenville, SC

Fitness found me just before my graduation from Clemson University in December 1992. It was a moment of self-realization when I caught sight of my profile in the mirror and thought, "Whoa! Girlfriend! You gotta do somethin' to drop that Freshman 15 that's done stuck and hung on to your butt! Do somethin' to get lean so that you can get a job!" That's when I stumbled upon Jazzercise®, a local business I believed could help me reach my goal.

Until then, my experience with exercise had been limited to organized team sports throughout school. But Jazzercise® offered a different approach, one focused on fitness rather than competition. Despite consistent attendance, I wasn't seeing the results I desired, so I sought advice from the franchise owner and lead instructor. Her guidance proved invaluable, not only helping me shed those stubborn 15 pounds but also landing me my dream job before graduating.

My newfound passion for fitness led me to spend all my spare time at the YMCA, immersing myself in various fitness classes. Under the mentorship of the YMCA Aerobics Director, I pursued my Group Fitness Instructor Certification through the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) in 1993. Teaching group fitness became my way of paying forward the knowledge and support I received from my mentors.

Years later, facing a life-threatening illness after a celebratory trip to India, I embarked on another fitness challenge. Inspired by the desire to rebuild my stamina and former fitness level, I set my sights on competitive bodybuilding. Despite initial setbacks and doubts, I refused to be deterred. With each competition, I honed my physique and improved my performance, eventually achieving my goal of becoming an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder in November 2018.

But my journey didn't end there. Fueled by a desire to share my passion and knowledge with others, I founded MoJoTiVatioN®, a business aimed at empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals. From designing custom "Positive Visual Trigger" necklaces to offering personalized fitness training and coaching services, I've dedicated myself to helping others become the best versions of themselves.

Building on my own experiences and the guidance of my mentors, including my bodybuilding husband and wife coaching team, I've created a space for clients to embark on their own transformative journeys. Whether it's through mindset coaching, strength training, or competition preparation, I'm committed to supporting others in their pursuit of a stronger, healthier self—mind, body, and soul.

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