Annette Haavasoja

Turku , Finland

I start to work out, train, about 17 years ago, before and after that I have been moving also many other ways, dancing, biking, playing different ballgames, jogging, aerobics-all kinds of that. Moving and training is my way of life! Enjoying it always, with music, often 🎶 I have been walking a lot lot lot, since I learn to walk, and with my dogs ❤️ by nature. It is super important to me! I have diabetes, since I was eight years old. So exercising and moving is also good for that. And important is also what I eat, and that is always lots and lots of protein and vegetables, my favorite food, different kind of salads. But it is important eat some sweets too.

I live in Finland, Turku and Porvoo. I work at Porvoo, my job is to help young people. I am nurse and personal trainer and terapeutit. To young people, I remember always mention moving, how important that is.
Nature, moving different ways, fresh air and music helps me to keep my thoughts bright. It helps also keep my blood socker good and I feel it always.
I enjoy if I can help people to get excited of training and moving! Wellness and fitness come to my life like naturally, because my way of life. Don't be afraid of to write me or follow me, I am glad if you do that. I love to talk about my way of life. Thank you and let's move and enjoy it.

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