Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

In my teenage years, I faced numerous mental and physical health challenges, propelling me to prioritize holistic fitness encompassing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. My journey into significant strength training began at 19, yet my path to fitness commenced much earlier—around age four—when I embarked on dance and singing classes, laying the foundation for my enduring passions and career. By age 13, a deep love for running took hold. I vividly recall surprising myself with a swift 1,500-meter race in Year 8 of high school, sparking a lasting dedication to running, primarily focusing on short and middle distances.

Throughout the years, I've maintained my running regimen alongside resistance training, dance, and flexibility exercises. I've also woven spiritual practices like prayer, later complemented by meditation and soul-nourishing nature walks, particularly along the beach, into my daily routine. This holistic approach to fitness has become my guiding principle, one I'm committed to nurturing well into the future.

Recently, I achieved a significant milestone in my fitness journey by completing a Master of Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. This experience not only enriched me academically but also deepened my fitness and dance practices. Dancing and flexibility training offer me immense joy, serving as potent stress-relievers and liberating outlets for my mind, body, and soul. Similarly, weight training, a staple of my weekly routine both at the gym and home, provides similar benefits.

Looking ahead, I'm determined to continue progressing in my fitness journey, aspiring to inspire others with a passion for fitness, health, and the performing arts to embrace life to the fullest, navigating through both the highs and lows with resilience and determination.

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