Ormond Beach, FL

I started my fitness journey in my early 20’s. I learned from a former bodybuilder about strength and restriction training. Then I went to Asheville in 2018 to live and I learned about yoga and dieting. I tried almost all diets to see how my body would react, in the process learning how to apply different diets for different clients. This is also when I started to train others.

In 2019 after I started training with others I then learned about HIIT/calisthenics. Body weight training changed the game for me and I learned to apply all forms of training with my clients. I call it combination training, we do restriction, circuit, cardiovascular, HIIT, and strength training and it has shown for most of my clients to be the determining factor in their results. Provided they follow the diet plans I lay out for them. I was a drug addict for many years and fitness was the one thing that dragged me from the bottomless Pitt and allowed me to take care of myself and share the passion I have for fitness with others.

So for the past 5 years I’ve started my own training company called Fitness Jackal where I do private and group classes and seeing the switch in people from disliking fitness to loving it makes me passionate, healthy, and happy to continue this journey of helping others on their fitness journey! Being able to watch someone who is intimidated by the gym/group class setting and watching them become more confident and happy is one of the most rewarding gifts I have ever received. It keeps me from going backwards by helping others move forward with their journey.

I was also briefly taught by a physical therapist so working with those who have injuries is one of my specialties. I’m certified in sports nutrition, youth fitness, and group classes (beginner and advanced HIIT classes and one on ones). Overall, fitness saved my life, and the way I get to keep the peace and happy new in my life is by sharing my knowledge of fitness and hardships with others.