Redondo Beach, CA

This was hard to share, but this is my story, and I’m really proud of myself for making it through and where I have gotten to today.

My fitness story started growing up as I was a competitive gymnast. However, as I went on to doctorate school In St. Louis I got insanely depressed.

Randi (my bestie & I) made an instagram to be inspirational in doctorate school and we were made fun of. There would be days at school Randi and I would come back to our backpack in the library and there would be an article or a note making fun of our instagram. One time I even came back to my car and there was a note on my car.

Little did people know I was just trying to get through day by day was hurting from loss, depression, confusion, anxiety, and even autoimmune issues. I had never been “bullied” before so this was new.

So, I packed up my bags, transferred schools and moved to LA all within 3 days. I knew if I didn’t move I wouldn’t make it. I then told my self I was going to get in the best shape of my life, put me first, and not care that I knew no one in this town.

The point of my post is that life is too short to feel bad. If you are struggling or you’re unhappy, you can change it. I would love to help you with that, or just be there to talk to if you need a friend. Exercise and it’s community has changed my life in many circumstances and settings. Use it to better yourself, inspire, and gain your confidence back if you’ve lost it for a little ♥️