Merseyside, England

I suppose the why of why I originally started my fitness journey differs from the why I am still continuing on it.
Originally it was to try to get as fit and as strong as possible for my next season playing rugby. I had just finished a really frustrating season where I had spent a lot of time out injured with niggly muscle injuries, something I had never suffered with before. So I made the decision to start my own “pre pre season” training and start the following season as strong as I possibly could. I was in and out, sometimes hitting my target of 3 workouts per week, sometimes 1, sometimes 2.
I hit a couple of weeks consecutively of getting 3 workouts in and something clicked.
I felt bigger and stronger than I ever had, but most of all my mental health, my sense of wellness and my confidence were at an all time high!

I have suffered with depression and anxiety since 2013 and take regular medication. Obviously I had heard all the recommendations regarding being active and mental wellbeing but hadn’t ever had the energy to commit.

That’s one of the things I have noticed since taking my training more seriously, it isn’t sparks of motivation that are required, it’s a commitment to consistency. No I simply HAVE to get my 3 workouts a week done, at least. I’m approaching a 10 week streak of 3 sessions per week and physically and mentally I have never felt better. It’s transferred in to my home life, my personal life, even my work life has improved because on my consistent efforts.

I am yet to make massive dietary changes as yet as I refuse to jump on to something that isn’t sustainable long term, but that is the next step.

I’m excited about how far I’ve come in a short space of time, but nowhere near as exciting as seeing how far I can go.