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Michael Rudolph

Pretoria, South Africa

"I went into high school as a fat kid and had a lot of comments thrown my way about my size." says Michael Rudolph (IG: mikeymike_fitness), "I was chilling on the couch one day(as usual) and the biggest loser was on, this one oak couldn't even do 10 push ups and I thought to myself wow that's kind of embarrassing, after judging this guy i thought I'll give it a try myself, I couldn't even do 10. I thought to myself wow this is ridiculous so when I went back to school the next day I decided to pitch up for rugby practice, we did a lot of running in the pre season and I started losing some weight and it felt great." he adds.

"After seeing this I decided to join the school gym to put on some muscle and that's where it started, I was running my ass of every day on the rugby pitch and after that I whould work in another session at the gym.
Went through some shitty times in life as everyone probably does but the gym was the one place where I can forget about everything and everyone around me and just focus on myself for that time." he says.

"Something interesting! I struggle to go a single day without peanut butter! And I won't easily start my day without some cardio first thing in the morning, even when I'm not prepping for a show!" he adds.

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