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Danny Moran

Cincinnati, Ohio

"I basically got into a really bad habbit and found myself going through the motions in everything." says Danny Moran (IG:, "I had always liked lifting, but I never took care of my mental or physical health correctly. I would always think I’m only on Earth for a short period of time so I might as well do whatever I want. That was the wrong mindset. I ate terribly, half-assed my workouts, and to make everything worse, I was completely addicted to THC. It was affecting my mood entirely and, in turn, affected my relationships with the people closest to me. It was like I was a completely different person. Looking back I can’t believe I wasted such a long period of my life." he adds.

"Then one day I decided I wasn’t going to half-ass anything anymore and that I wanted to make myself proud for once. I stopped smoking, decided to increase my fitness crazily, and actually start to diet. Then became my new addiction: results. I worked my ass off and completely transformed myself because I was addicted to results." he says.

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