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Ashley Oppenborn

Yuma, Arizona

"I am a army veteran , mom of two boys , and wife . The military actually sparked my fire to be healthy and physically fit." says Ashley Oppenborn (IG: ashleynicoleburge), "At first I hated morning PT and then after I left I found myself missing it. I started doing my own research and took a couple courses in health, nutrition, and wellness to educate myself . My husband and I are passionate about our fitness, which is huge having your spouse equally as invested as you are. I feel good when I look good , and I also just love the overall feeling of being healthy." she adds.

"I have my bachelors degree in Homeland Security and I’m actively trying to land a job with a couple of the big three letter agencies . Those agencies also require physical fitness and overall health for those positions. Our nations security has always been a passion of mine." she says.

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