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Troy Staton

Paterson, New Jersey

"Im 25yrs old from NJ. I got into working out at around 19 years old but I was inconsistent. Around 23 I decided I wanted to do more, push harder and go further with fitness." says Troy Staton (IG: therealtroystaton_), "Biggest reason was realizing that I set my own limits with how far I can go, and how strong I can get. It’s like I get in the gym and it’s tunnel vision, I don’t see anybody else or nothing just focus on what’s ahead of me. I witnessed my body do things I use to swear was physically impossible for me. I live by the rule to always be the hardest worker in the room." he adds.

"This is just the beginning. As far as fitness goes it’s like we make our own destiny. Mommy and daddy can’t pass it down. You can’t cheat yourself. You put in the work, it doesn’t happen by accident!" he says.

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