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Matt Chait

Long Island, New York

"I'm 19 from Long Island, New York which is a hard place to grow up if your scrawny and not as tough mentally as you should be." says Matt Chait (IG: @alvatorefit), "I found out I would be attending Penn State after my senior year and wanted to be considered one of the King’s of Greek Life. In order to be where I wanted to mentally I knew it was time to start treating my body like a Mayan Temple. I spent my entire Senior Year of High School clanking iron and made it to where I wanted to be the top of the Food Chain. The gym is where I found myself and found that I have pure self control. I party hard like a rockstar but maintain a balance and sweat it all out on a 7 day gym grind, multiple times per day." he adds.

"I was content with who I was but sometimes you need to adapt and become one with your environment. I wouldnt settle to be nothing but the King of mine." he says.

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