Schenectady, NY

I used to be a runner and kept getting hurt so I became severely depressed. I decided to hire a trainer where I learned that strength training made me feel strong and confident! At that point I decided I wanted to help others feel the same. That was about 15 years ago and I’ve now trainer thousands of people, helping them to feel strong and confident!

Throughout my life I’ve also struggled with disordered eating and overeating. I felt like I had no self control when it came to food. I took a leap of faith and tried a mindfulness program and that really changed my life because I can use mindfulness to motivate myself to workout AND eat clean. I’m by no means perfect but mindfulness has allowed me to maintain my weight for 10 years now.

Now I teach others how to do the same! In addition to personal training I have a 10 week program that teaches mindfulness and moderation so that women can finally have the self control they need to lose weight, gain muscle, burn fat or reach any goal they desire. Because mindfulness and moderation go hand in hand, I also run two 30-day challenges per year to encourage people to add small healthy behaviors to their daily life.

Even small, simple behaviors like drinking enough water, eating vegetables, fruit and protein, and moving your body, when done frequently, can have a major impact on our health. If everyone did this, perhaps we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic!