Dallas, TX

I've always been a fan of working out but didn't get serious about it till this year. I have to prove to myself as I get older to accomplish this dream of fitness & reach my goal.

Growing up I have always been the underdog & bullied & fitness allows me to have & take control. So fitness allows me to reach out to those who have been bullied or ignored in this type of industry and journey. Many people see me and probably feel intimidated but in reality once you get to know me I am a very helpful person in and outside the fitness lifestyle.

I work at a Emergency Room so making the time to gym is very important due to Also being a stress reliever. I have my family as well that I have to make time for. So having the time is something you have to fit into schedule. When you want something you go for it with no hesitation. Nothing is given in this world so you have to work for it and earn it.

Hard work is what you put in when you you really want something so bad. If you do bare minimal you will get the bare minimal results. My journey has been difficult because of life experiences, family, and time. But that hasn't stopped me from continuing to try and keep going. I have given up numerous times but for some reason this time feels different. I have that extra confidence that I have numerous IG & fitness influencers that have motivated me to continue and not give up.