Milwaukee, WI

I started doing sports at the age of five. I started with gymnastics, as I got older that lead to other sports like basketball football and track and field. But my main sport was track and field. That’s when I actually fell in love with track and field and just working out in general. This had gave me a way out of my Community and kept me out of trouble. This create a future for me that I didn’t know at the time exist. The feeling of achieving my goals like becoming a state Champion in the hundred meter dash or changing my whole life around in seventh grade getting myself off of ADHD medicine and getting our special ed classrooms and cleaning up my act with some help from my family.

For track and field I am a Multiple time all American on a junior college level with a team ring. Then after that went to university of Minnesota Makato all American status and our conference for division two.

My future goal is to be a track and field coach, so I can help them to become better athletes on and off the track. Even show them that it’s bigger then sports. Show them how to be a leader, so they can teach the next generation how to lead. Showing the athletes that you care for them can go a long way.

As of fitness in general I love working out. Since I been done running track and field lifting weights been the replacement for that and playing basketball on the side. I will continue to inspire others people to get in the gym by posting on social media and on my story. This can possibly inspire other people to get in the gym and work out look good feel good.