- Why did you decided to transform, what was that ‘AHA’ moment? There were many reasons that were very logical reasons to why I should act but none more important than being alive to raise my son to be a better man that I could ever be. It took the accumulation of these chronic conditions, symptoms and acceptance that trying and failure wasn’t worse than not trying at all.

- When did you start working out? I’ve always worked out over the years but it became a life saving mission in March of 2013.

- How it’s affecting my life? Before and after stats - Before 255 lbs, 40 inch waist, 135/89 bp, glucose 88, A1C 5.6, low HDL, high trig — After 160 lbs, 31 inch waist, 117/79 bp, glucose 82, A1C 5.4, high HDL, low trig
- [ ] Age - 54
- [ ] Weight - 160 lbs
- [ ] Height - 5’8”
- [ ] Body fat - 13%

- What are your future goals? My future goals are to continue with science based courses, research and better understanding that underlying causes health degradation to support my future clients to live long and active lives via health coaching through my company Fit Evolution (new website under construction)

- Anything interesting or special about me? The limits that were obstacles on my journey were time because I’m a single father with a sizable commute for work, the lack of support from friends and family that although well intended offered unhelpful advice and compromised motivation when times were tough such as plateaus or injuries. The challenges that came to mind during my journey that I find with my clients were self doubt to accomplish goals, lack of motivation, lack of knowledge of nutrition and physiology. Simply by executing and experiencing many failures that drove my desire to educate myself about the science (anthropology, neuroscience, biochemistry, endocrinology, genetics, epigenetics, physiology, lipidology and nutritional science) that shaped my understanding between many proposed methodologies that drive revenue versus those that promote optimal healthfulness and wellness. The constant drive for me to continue educating the masses is the realization of how widespread the current societal norms are (prevalence of heavily processed foods, refined carbohydrates for hyper palatability and mechanisms that support sedentary behavior) to drive the demise of potentially healthy people, intentionally or unintentionally. Whether our goals are to lose weight or increase performance, lead with a focus on having a well balanced foundation of being healthy. I like many thought that losing weight/increasing performance and being healthy were joined at the hip but they’re not mutually exclusive.