Bryant Mekoba 

Hillside, NJ

"I’ve always loved everything about being in shape, sports or anything that involved athleticism. Growing up like most I was a skinny kid who at first didn’t care too much about my size because of my confidence. So the insecurity that eventually came was trying to build muscle, I wanted to be bigger as time went on. So constantly doing push ups/ pull ups along with drinking shakes or ensure helped me see slight results but I knew it wouldn’t be an overnight success.

In 2007 the year after I graduated high school is when I decided to take working out serious especially in the gym. I was like a lost child because I had to find my way and adjust to making this my lifestyle. One thing I know is to never give up. If I start something, I must finish and give it my all. And that’s what I did with working out, along with speaking life into those who feel they can’t shed pounds or gain muscle.

We all as human beings can accomplish our goals or what we desire as long as we believe in ourselves. There’s no such thing as I can’t! It’s all a process. Things can change in a matter of months or 1 yr. Working out increased my drive, restores my body ,mind and soul. It’s therapy. It’s art. Trust you’ll look and age well. Working out is mental first before anything else. Think positive. The time is now for a change!"

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