Tallahassee, FL

Growing up, fitness was a part of my lifestyle! I played multiple sports all the way through college. After college, life got real, and I lost my discipline and consistency. It showed in my preparation for the gym, and it was a constant battle to regain the discipline, consistency, and optimism I once had.

Lately, I've been making fitness a priority, and the results are showing. Fitness is not just physical; it's more mental. Are you willing to make the sacrifice every day to be the best person you can? Can you let go of bad habits that hinder you from being successful? Can you respond to negativity with a positive mindset? Will you let situations deprive you of making it to the gym?

These are all things that the average human being thinks about daily. Some rise up, some fall below. The one thing about falling short is that you can rise up again because every day is a chance to get 1% better mentally, spiritually, and physically. A consistent workout routine and diet plan can translate to how you live real life. If you want the body goals, you have to be consistent and perform at a high level every day. With that mindset, there is no such thing as doing too much to better yourself. You are making sacrifices that a lot of people will not make and being in places that the average person would not think to be at daily: THE GYM! Fitness is not just a trip; it's a lifestyle!

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