San Tan Valley, AZ

Working out and being in the gym has effected my life in the most amazing, yet trying way! I've had my share of highs and lows in the gym, my share of injuries, health struggles and doubts but no matter how heavy the weights felt, how tired I was I still showed up for myself. Working out and being able to sculp and mold your physique is something that money can not buy and shows another level of self love and self respect that not much else can give.

Right now my current fitness goals are to compete in my 5th bodybuilding competition after a 7 year break but in the new wellness division! I have a goal to turn pro in this division and continue to see where God allows me to go with the sport!

As a mom I also have a 5 year old daughter who's been raised in and around gyms and she's watching me and listening to how I speak to myself and about my body. I love to show her that working out is truly a form of self love and should be enjoyed! She needs to know that being healthy is what makes us thrive in life and I'm going to continue to show her just that!

Although the gym is great for physical strength, the gym also has helped strengthen my mental health more than you know! The gym is the place I feel the most at home in and I love the rush of endorphins I get and post workout "high" after a workout.

As a coach it’s my job to teach women that lifting weights makes you healthy, strong and sexy. That eating foods to fuel your body and feel good from the inside out is key to living a healthy lifestyle and that it’s not about being perfect but staying consistent and continuing to show up for yourself even on your hardest days! Life is not meant to be easy but when we have good health, other areas of our life become a bit more simple.