Dallas, TX

I began my true fitness journey 32 years ago!! 36 and a flight attendant, I was tired of not eating healthy or getting to exercise. I started a structured nutrition plan which was not easy being on the road. I packed and carried food for 3 day trips way before there were refrigerators or microwaves in hotels. There were no gyms in hotels so I found a place in every city or did hotel stairs and room band workouts. I had just started lifting and set a goal of competition but stuck to discipline for 5 years before finally competing in my first show at age 41.

This year at 67 will be my 26th year of competition! I earned professional status with IFBB in 2014 at age 59 in the 45+ womens physique division! Every year there have been at least 1 show but usually 2 or 3. I’ve only missed 3 years of competition due to a hip replacement and 2 shoulder surgeries. These were injuries not related to exercise. Exercise helped me be better able to recover due to my current strength. They say it’s prehab before rehab!

I became certified NASM and at Cooper Fitness in Dallas in 96 and started my own business. I eventually retired as a flight attendant and focused on competition and personal training.

I plan to compete again in the fall at the Legion Sports Fest in Reno NV.

I continue to set goals every year as I tell my clients we need long term and short term goals to keep us focused and successful in our journey in health and fitness. Aging gets harder to keep up the routine but the routine helps slow the rate of aging! I’m hoping that I can continue to set goals and inspire others to do the same. We’ve heard before, “it’s never too late to be great”!