Palm Beach, FL

Fitness magazines once ignited my passion for fitness but also became the battleground for my struggle with eating disorders.

At the tender age of 15, I embarked on my first diet, meticulously following the advice plastered across those glossy pages, particularly the mantra of "eat less, move more." Soon, I found myself restricting food groups and engaging in frantic jumping jacks in my bedroom, all while navigating the challenges of high school.

Years later, armed with a personal training certification, I found myself grappling with binge-eating disorder despite my expertise in sculpting others' physiques. It's a startling truth that many personal trainers and fitness competitors grapple with eating disorders and body dysmorphia when mental health takes a backseat.

For decades, I approached fitness with a misguided mindset, coercing, restricting, and controlling my way toward an elusive size 2 and 112lbs. It wasn't until I challenged the conventional wisdom of "eat less, move more" that I began to witness true transformation. Embracing a philosophy of nourishing my body and easing up on exercise, I watched as my physique effortlessly evolved.

Now, it's my mission and passion to educate others on the importance of embracing fitness from a foundation of self-love and respect for the body. By infusing flexibility into both diet and exercise routines and crafting sustainable, enjoyable plans, individuals can avoid the pitfalls of burnout and misery.

Fitness has profoundly impacted both my personal and professional life, leading me to transform my struggles into a platform for empowerment through my brand, Size: Happy.

Far too often, I witness individuals, particularly women, dive into fitness with zeal and determination, only to emerge disillusioned and embattled with their body image.

For me, fitness has become a beacon of mental health and body positivity, and I'm committed to sharing my approach with anyone seeking to embrace fitness as a lifelong journey.

And always remember: beauty standards are flawed—not you.

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